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Who are the
Peaceful Penguins?

Peaceful Penguins are a collection of 1955 penguin avatars with 14 unique traits. They have come from their chilly homes to come launch the first decentralized activist group centered around gun violence and gun safety.

Peaceful Penguins is working with Everytown to set up a steady donation stream via royalties from this project. Your participation in this community directly helps to cause change.

Holder Benefits

an awesome PFP that shows your support

a community of like-minded activists who inspire change

a private On-Chain Discord channel to vote and plan next steps

holder only merchandize to spread awareness of gun violence

a free to holder V2 collection for donation, contribution, and impact

The Story of
Our Huddle

In July 2022, two students came together after hearing the constant echoes of the latest atrocities that had taken place: the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings. The two decided it was not just enough to talk about it, and took action.

With their knowledge in software and the NFT industry, they decided to launch a new project, Peaceful Penguins, in order to spur change with gun violence in America. The project was created in less than 72 hours, symbolizing the urgency of the issue. The project also pursues the goal of organic marketing, trusting that good citizens would rally behind the cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Peaceful Penguins are 1955 avatars with an assortment of 14 randomized traits to serve as the launchpad for Web3’s first activist group: Peaceful. They also serve as your ticket to a free V2 Peaceful Penguin

You can buy a Peaceful Penguin directly from this site, simply go to the mint button and wait for the scheduled mint time.

100% of all royalties generated from the project will go straight to Everytown.

The initial mint will filter back into the organization to pay for the research, development, and constant innovation required for the creation and success of Peaceful Penguins. A sum of money will also be saved to further the activist group in further Web3 projects centered around gun violence.

Each Peaceful Penguin is 0.12 ETH + gas fees.

There are 1955 total Peaceful Penguins in supply.

Each wallet can mint a maximum of 10 Peaceful Penguins.

The team is fully made up of students who are very close to the issue. However, each member is providing around 60-75% of their energy and bandwidth to the success of Peaceful Penguins.


Join our Discord and join the conversation! You can also donate straight to Everytown, but won’t receive the benefits our NFT provides.

Peaceful Penguins is an NFT project focused on inspiring change in wake of the growing amount of mass shootings in America. It was formed in late June 2022 by two college students in Virginia who have been appalled by the lack of initiative and action within our government and policy leaders. Together they have a goal to make donations and create a Web3 community of activists who share the same desire to take action.

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