The Team




Project manager based in Palo Alto, CA. Focused on fighting social issues, building a brand, and always looking to the future help out our penguin fam solve issues and inspire change in the world.




Richmond Developer and Web3 Enthusiast. Always looking to innovate and connect blockchain to real world problems.




Marketing lead based in London who looks to inspire change by gathering a strong and passionate penguin fam.




Interaction designer based in Vancouver who hopes to use her talents to attract a community of activists who can make a difference.

Peaceful Penguins is an NFT project focused on inspiring change in wake of the growing amount of mass shootings in America. It was formed in late June 2022 by two college students in Virginia who have been appalled by the lack of initiative and action within our government and policy leaders. Together they have a goal to make donations and create a Web3 community of activists who share the same desire to take action.

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